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archInvoice Modules

Although specifically designed for architects and engineers, archInvoice's modular design easily accommodates the typical billing scenarios for other professions such as interior designers, laywers or anyone that bills on a phased schedule using either hourly or fixed fees. Each of the various modules is discussed below.
[ Working Modules ]
Create Invoices Create Invoice(s)
Using the Create Invoices module, you can create a single invoice for a determined billing period, or an invoice for all projects that can be searched to produce a complete set of invoices. You can also create either Draft invoices or Final invoices. The Draft invoices however, cannot be posted.
Post Invoices Post Invoice(s)
Once you have created and reviewed the Final invoices for a billing period and determined they are correct, the Post Invoices module is used to post them. Posting does two things, (1) the amount for each project/phase is added to the 'Billed-To-Date' database for future tracking, and (2) the invoice number, date, and amount are included in the 'Receivables' database for tracking of outstanding invoices.
Create/View Summary Create Summary
You can use the Create Summary module to create a summary of the invoices produced during a specific billing period. The amount of each billing category, and the total amount billed, is computed for each invoice. Additionally, the total billing for each category is computed and placed at the bottom of the summary listing.
View Receivables View Receivables
Using the View Receivables module you can quickly view all outstanding invoices or all invoices for a specific project. The invoice number, date, project identifier, project name, date due (date + 30 days), amount due, and days past due are displayed.
Post TimeSheets Post TimeSheet(s)
The Post TimeSheets module is used weekly to 'post' each employees timesheet to the 'Hourly' database. Employee project hours for the week can be posted on a daily or weekly basis.
Post Payment Post Payment
The Post Payment module isused to record your customer's payments into the Invoice database. Payment amount, date, and check number are entered into the 'Invoice' database.
[ Main Database Modules ]
Customers Customers
Using the Customers module, you can easily maintain information, such as name, address, and contact, to display on the invoice for each customer.
Projects Projects
Using the Projects module, you can enter, or update, individual project information. Each project record contains information such as: project identifier, descriptive name, total contract value, reimbursable maximum, and company P.O. information.
Phase Code Phase Codes
The Phase Codes module is the heart of the archInvoice system and is used to enter and update the Phase Code number and description. A Phase Code number is used to describe the type work performed on each project by adding an associated descriptive name for Hourly, Square Footage, Fixed Fee, Consultant, and Expense areas. Additionally, the Expense codes include a multiplying factor which is used to multiply the amount entered by the established value. For example, a mileage expense could have a multiplier of $0.32, which allows the entry of the actual number of miles instead of the actual monetary amount. You can create up to 100 different codes for each area. For your convenience, the Phase Codes module database contains sample phase codes that can simply be used, or modified as desired to fit your unique requirements.
Employee Employees
The Employees module isused to enter, or update, individual employee information, such as the employee's assigned four-digit identifier, their last name, first name, associated staff code and start date.
Staff Codes Staff Codes
The Staff Codes module is used to enter and update the Staff Code information. Staff Codes are used to associate the number of hours worked by an employee to a particular billing rate for a project. You can create up to 99 different Staff Codes to define the work for up to 10 different billing rate groups.
[ Working Database Modules ]
Hourly Hourly
The Hourly module is used primarily to correct information automatically entered during the weekly posting of employee timesheets. Using this module, you enter or update information on the projects that each employee works, before you create your invoices.
Max Hourly Max Hourly
The Max Hourly module is your project control valve. It is used to enter a maximum amount to be billed for any project phase. The archInvoice system then checks this value each time you create an invoice to ensure you do not exceed this limit. If the maximum amount is exceeded, the excess amount is then deducted from the invoice.
Square Feet Square Feet
The Square Feet modjule is used to manage the total square feet to be billed for the phase and the amount per square feet. It also tracks the percent complete for each billing cycle. As subsequent billing cycles are processed, the percent complete is updated to reflect the work progress. The system tracks the amount previously billed and deducts that amount from the invoice.
Fixed Fee Fixed Fee
The Fixed Fee moduled is used to manage fixed fee billing information for project phases. The total fixed fee to be billed for the phase and the percent complete are tracked for each billing cycle. As subsequent billing cycles are processed, the percent complete is updated to reflect the work progress. The system tracks the amount previously billed and deducts that amount from the invoice.
Consultant Consultant
The Consultant module is used to track any consultant work performed on a project. The consultant's name and the amount billed are included as an entry on the invoice.
Expense Expenses
The Expenses module allows you to track information on reimbursable expenses accumulated for a project during a billing period. The expense type and amount are included as an entry on the invoice.
Billed To Date Billed To Date
The Billed to Date module isused to post the final invoices at the end of the billing cycle. This process updates the "Billed-To-Date" information for the project phase.

This module should be used with great caution since the integrity of the system can be compromised.
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